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We, Touch Editing Fast, are not only known for image masking, drop shadows and removable backgrounds, but we also provide a ghost mannequin service for product photo editing.

The Ghost Manquin service is the process where accurate models can be replaced to edit a Manquin photo for your product.

We know that you have to spend a lot of money on accurate models. Considering it is difficult to pay the talent fee of the models. You will determine when use Mannequin instead of using the original model. It could be worth the money of our work.

You may be mistaken that you must show your mannequin because we will use ghost costumes. All might need a all body or even only half of the mannequin for your product.

everyone does not need to trouble for making a realistic edited interpretation of your photos.  It is more appealing to the customers. The image has a natural look. They imagine how they look like if they wear your accessories. We want you to grow your business by providing you with realistic images of your product.

Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Service

The Best Experience To Present Apparel Photography

What is Ghost Mannequin / Neck Joint Service?

The invisible ghost model impact can be a picture graph modifying approach that creates an invisible individual wearing a dress. The ghost model is overgrown to realize the model’s salvation from the photograph.

However, even models are often far away from the pictures, leaving only the realistic image of the clothing products. It’s also referred to as a Neck-joint service. Ghost models are deleted by editing tools through Photoshop or other popular photo editing tools.

Using Photoshop to produce a ghost model effect isn’t effortless. It will take a lot of knowledge and trial. So, you ought to always hire knowledgeable photo editing companies to try to do the work for you.

How to add a mannequin to your image?

You’ll first need a photograph of the model with the model in the dummy and a picture on top of the dummy on the opposite side of the image. Put the two images together on the neck – you will make it a clipping path with the pen tool. Now, you may have garb that looks as though there may be an invisible model wearing it.

Also, a few ghost mannequins are not manipulated on the neck joint. For instance, pants, watches, and hats can also be edited to feature natural volume and texture.

Clothing and accessories shown on the invisible mannequin look more lifelike and natural, allowing customers to ascertain how your product is supposed to be worn In the real world. Our company combines the ghost model with different services, like coloration correction or shadow effect, to recognize the brightest photograph possible.

When to use Ghost Mannequin

  • The texture and extent of your products, particularly clothing and accessories, to feature life
  • If you really want to reduce the rate and skip live model recruitment.
  • When you need to factor in the back and front of a 360-degree view of your product
  • To display the inside of the garment, the brand and label to display the thing inside the garment.

When to not use Ghost Mannequin

You would like to point out the products utilized in context, with real people.  Digital advertising display converts higher models. Typically, it’s best to use a mixture of ghost mannequins and live models.

{{The ghost model gives consistency to your predominant product thumbnails and pix on websites or in catalogues, however stay fashions upload a person’s and relatability factor}}. This also puts the products into context for consume

Packshot Ghost Mannequin

Home touch editing fast

Our company offers a packshot ghost model effects service for pictures to be displayed on e-commerce sites.

If you need this luring service, send us your pictures from various angles.

We can create an attractive 3D / 360° packshot of your photos as well as the top of your photo. It is at the top of the neck and then the sides of the sleeves at the bottom.

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

It will continually provide an empty appearance at the neck as soon as we cast off the cloth at the model.

Combining the pics of the back and front of the neck will make a herbal model impact with inside the product.

Home touch editing fast

The lower joint of the ghost mannequin

Home touch editing fast

Some garments have a back that looks longer or worse than the front. Using Photoshop, we are able to effortlessly enhance the beauty of the back and front parts of clothing.

Our skilled designers are able to get things done in a matter of moments.

Sleeves joint on ghost mannequin

Removing the model on lengthy sleeves or jackets will make the sleeves appear to be nobody is carrying it. However, with ghost mannequin provider this could be in 3d.

Home touch editing fast

Neck joins and image-liquefy Service

Home touch editing fast
The liquefaction tool may need to be used in case some parts of the nick joint are found to be very dull. How do liquefy tools work? Can see.

Ghost Mannequin at Touch Editing Fast

Regardless of how precise your mannequin is, it still shows a shadow of the form when it comes to the photos. Here at Touch Editing Fast, we will help you bring your photos to the best they can. This will surely help to grow your business. Our professional image- editors can do these while you take off the other business details.

We can proudly say that we have edited millions of pictures and still do. This means millions of consumers have already trusted us and are working. All are waiting for you to be one of them. You can upload your photos to us. You can even send thousands of photos from just one.

Designers can undoubtedly guarantee 100% of the most professionally executed for these. Contact us to find out about the work. If you have deadlines, then talk to us. We’ll make sure that you can get it at the right time.

You need to experience a world-class edited product photo. People may visit our website at Touch Editing Fast and start talking to us.


You really want to check out more of our photo modified offers and charges. Feel free to contact us via the job contacts provided. We also have a support page. Here, you can ask any questions related to our service. You will get answers from our customer representatives.

So do not allow us to cross without judgment of our quality through the Free Trial option, as we don’t like to compromise with someone to provide quality service to our work.
Home touch editing fast
Home touch editing fast